Workplace Health

It’s so important to keep yourself healthy and safe in the workplace, however if you do find yourself injured due to a workplace incident, Hay Medical Centre is here to help you get back on your feet. Our practice is fully equipped with an extensive range of treatment rooms that can manage both acute and subacute injuries acquired in the workplace.
Patients who have been injured in the workplace will have access to a range of professional medical personnel in Hay Medical Centre, including General Practitioners, Nurses and Allied Health Professionals. This is to ensure that our patients can receive all the appropriate treatment they need for their workplace injury conveniently under one roof. This will also help ensure a swift recovery with optimal outcomes for both the patient and their employer.
Our doctors are experts are getting injured workers back to work as soon as possible (and as soon as it is safe to do so). Our doctors are professionals and are happy to contact your employer to discuss your injury, working together to figure out whether alternative or more appropriate duties are possible for you while you recover.
Please inform our reception staff upon your arrival of your workplace injury situation.


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